From the recording I Don't Wanna Feel

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Heartfelt, soulful, and touching piano/vocal with a sprinkle of strings that will speak to anyone who has experienced loss and its indescribable shock to the system.

Sometimes simply saying it out loud makes everything better. In "I Don't Wanna Feel" Dana Rice says it out loud. The immediate switch from "is" to "was" that comes as the result of loss is an indescribable shock to the system. Whether it be a lover leaving, an opportunity missed, or simply a moment of intense frustrationā€¦this song defines the one undeniable thought that enters the mind at such a timeā€¦"I Don't Wanna Feel".

Recently there have been a lot of moments of intense frustration stemming from the seemingly unending loss of young lives in America, particularly the lives of Young Unarmed Black Men. As the mother of a black boy this frustration hits home for Dana, and it is no surprise that she would turn to music - for music has been her release since she was a little girl.
Raised as an only child for most of her adolescence, there was plenty of time to get lost in the music. At the young age of 2 she knew the power of singing and by 5 she was playing the piano to accompany herself while singing. Yes, singing had the power to clean you from the inside out. This is a lesson that was instilled in her and one that is planted deep in her Mississippi roots. Sunday after Sunday Dana witnessed this power in church in the way tears would stream down the faces of both the singer and the people in the pew at just the right moment in the song. The most amazing thing was that at times they were tears of sorrow and at others tears of joy - sometimes both in the same song. Music did that then and it can do that now.
This song is dedicated to those in the struggle for justice for all. May it cleanse you from the inside out and empower you to continue in the struggle.