At FAME Studio we not only BELIEVE in Justice, we actively fight for Justice for All.

This phrase "Justice For All" is a knowing phrase - it knows that historically justice has been denied to many- especially African Americans. Hence the need to specify justice for ALL. Likewise, the phrase Black Lives Matter is a knowing phrase- it knows that both now and in the past America has acted in ways that declare that SOME lives matter, but not BLACK lives.

At FAME Studio we will continue to use our music and art as weapons against racism, racist beliefs and oppression. We welcome open and honest dialogue from those who seek to understand and act to end racism. In this same vain we REJECT any defense of racist behaviors, beliefs or ideology.

We do all this because we have FAITH that better days are ahead. 
That's why our name is FAME Studio which stands for 
Faith Artistically and Musically Expressed.


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