FACE It Black/White Episode 3: How Are You Still Defending This?

#BlackLivesMatter #SocialJustice #EndPoliceBrutality

I recently sat down with Actress Alicia Kelly (Tyler Perry's The Oval) to talk about the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake. 

We dealt with some tough issues that arose from the shooting including: 

*the 17 year old boy who killed 2 protesters 

*non-negotiables when it comes to building racial 
bridges and... 

*how all of this is part of a domino effect where some people are choosing to look at the last couple of dominoes that fell rather than looking into how we got where we are. 

We end with the big question for Alicia,  

"What should black people do next?" 

I think you'll love her answer- or will you?! 

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